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Come party at the largest urban water park of Europe in Paris!

AquaBIG is a real BIG party with the good sound that goes with it, in the largest indoor water park in France: Aquaboulevard. The Aquaboulevard can accommodate 2500 people in a tropical bubble at 29° in the heart of Paris, accessible via the metro.

Join us in Paris on Saturday, September 28th from 7:30pm to enjoy the privatized water park and dance on the beach until 6am.

The atmosphere will be incredible, the pools and ceiling will be illuminated to create a colorful and subdued atmosphere; two stages with DJs and a sound system throughout the aquatic park will be set up to enjoy music everywhere for the duration of the event.

The Venue

Aquaboulevard is the largest water park in Ile-de-France.

The change of scenery is total in a bubble at 29°, with 2 wave pools, 7 indoor slides, 4 outdoor slides, 3 giant slides with buoy for 1 to 4 people, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a river against the current and a multitude of water games...

Water from all basins is replenished, processed and recycled in real time, beyond the mandatory legal quality standards. In terms of safety, qualified lifeguards remain very vigilant at all times for your greater safety. Two security posts are installed inside the park.

Aquaboulevard Logo

Urban water park

Located at 4-6 rue Louis Armand in Paris, Aquaboulevard is the largest urban water park in Europe.


In addition to the attractions of the water park, enjoy a lighting show and a sound system worth of our usual parties.

To get there

Metro: line 8, station Balard.
RER: line C, station Pont du Garigliano.
Tramway: line 2, stop Suzanne Lenglen.

Map of the water park

1. Spas or Jacuzzis

2. Counter current river

3. Whirlpool

4. Geysers

5. Water cannons

6. Water wall

7. Hot baths

8. Cascade

9. Aquagym

10. Canoe / Rugs

11. Water mushroom

12. Wake Box

Location map


Mor Avrahami

Forever Tel Aviv Resident DJ
Mor Avrahami

Mor Avrahami is an israeli DJ and music producer, who became famous internationnally with his hit song "Pyur" released in 2016. He plays every week at the Forum club in Tel Aviv and is a resident DJ at Forever Tel Aviv since 2018.

Thiago Oliveira


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1981, Thiago starts studying music production in Paris in 2010, before he relocates in Madrid where he currently lives. With his "happy" musical style (House, Tribal, Progressive), he rythmes his sets with a brasilian influence.

DJ Kingstone

DJ Resident BigWolf
DJ Kingstone

BigWolf resident since 2014, DJ Kingstone imposes his style with a deep bass vocal house music which is appreciated by clubbers. He recently played in Brazil, Israel, Germany, Korea and Switzerland.

Teddy J

DJ Resident BigWolf
Teddy J

Passionate and rocked by pop music, Teddy pace his sets with tribal rythm, vocals and loud melodies. As an autodidact musican, he now works on his own productions.

Dorian M

Dorian M

This newcomer to the gay clubbing scene, is a house/progressive specialist. He has already seduced the French but also European clubbers with his pop/house/tribal style.


Group Ticket

By multiple of 8 tickets

-25 years old Ticket

Sold only at the door

Advance Ticket

Per unit

Standard Ticket

Per unit


The doors will open at 7:30pm on Saturday until Sunday morning at 6:00am.

For obvious safety reasons, pools, jacuzzis and slides will close at 11:30pm to make room for the party and allow the full opening of bars with alcholic beverage sales. You will still be able to stay in the water up to the level of the ankles.

A bathing suit such as swimsuit or swim boxers is required to access the swimming pool (swim shorts are usually not accepted by Aquaboulevard but we have asked for more tolerance on this event). Outside the water, a light outfit such as shorts and tshirt or tank top are recommended, but you can also stay in swimsuit, the air temperature being 29°. We also recommend taking flip-flops to walk around the pools and a towel to wipe yourself. Lockers available in self-service will allow you to change your outfit throughout the event.

With each entry, you will receive a free waterproof plastic pouch to keep your personal items (smartphone, credit card, cash ...) dry with you. For the rest, lockers will be available. We assume no responsibility for the use of the pouch, including loss of sealing, damage or theft of your belongings.

Yes, the restaurant located in Aquaboulevard at the edge of the pool will be open and you will be able to eat there.

At the ticket office or at the bars, the following payment methods will be accepted: credit card (with code and contactless), cash. Checks and notes over 100€ will not be accepted. The RedCard will be accepted at the bars.

Large lockers with key will be at your disposal for 2€. They will allow unlimited self-service access throughout the duration of the event.

Until 11:30pm all types of soft drinks will be offered and from 11:30pm onwards, we will add alcoholic beverages, champagne and beers.

For this event, there will be no ticket or VIP area.

Yes, a smoking area will be arranged.


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